Optometry Australia is the influential voice for the optometry profession. Our mission is to lead, engage and promote optometry, optometrists and community eye health. As the peak body for the profession, Optometry Australia represents eight out of every 10 registered optometrists in Australia, providing a powerful voice for over 4,000 members responsible for delivering primary eye care services to millions of Australians.

It is Optometry Australia’s desire to strengthen pathways and opportunities for referral between health professions, by developing a strong understanding and appreciation of the role of optometry and the clinical skills and capabilities of optometrists. Optometrists are qualified in the diagnosis and management of specific eye health issues and they have the experience, clinical training and equipment needed to provide a comprehensive picture of eye health to inform patients and members of their health care team. Optometrists work collaboratively with other health professionals to strengthen the prevention and management of eye disease.

Optometry Australia was established in 1918 and for the past 100 years we have successfully and tirelessly worked to advance Australia as a world leader in optometric services and patient care.

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Providing effective eye care and referrals in general practice

Gonzalo Jacome, Senior Staff Clinician, Centre for Eye Health, UNSW discusses how general practitioners can provide effective first-line care for a range of eye conditions. Ways to diagnose eye conditions in a telehealth consultation are explored, as well as the identification of ocular emergencies and coordinating care with optometrists in glaucoma management.