Providing effective eye care and referrals in general practice

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Gonzalo Jacome, Senior Staff Clinician, Centre for Eye Health, UNSW discusses how general practitioners can provide effective first-line care for a range of eye conditions. The diagnosis of eye conditions in a telehealth consultation is explored, as well as the identification of ocular emergencies and coordinating care with optometrists in glaucoma management.

Questions asked in the video

  1. How can a GP effectively diagnose eye conditions in a telehealth consultation? 0:00
  2. What history-taking questions should a GP ask for an accurate diagnosis? 1:13
  3. What eye conditions can be effectively managed in general practice? 2:46
  4. What are some red flags that identify conditions requiring emergency care or referral? 4:12
  5. What are some considerations when prescribing ocular steroids? 6:59
  6. What is an effective glaucoma management plan involving the GP and optometrist? 8:29

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