QI Programs

Clinical audits are only available to Australian-registered GPs.

ThinkGP’s range of clinical audits are designed to arm GPs with the tools they need to excel, benchmarking standards of care to the highest level. With pre-learning education, easy-to-follow steps and reflective learning, these quality improvement activities assist GPs to deliver optimal patient outcomes while earning valuable Measuring Outcomes hours. Whether you are newly qualified or have been practicing for years, our clinical audits will keep you up to date with best practice guidelines across a range of therapeutic areas. Each activity includes a reflective learning component to help you to identify and embed learnings.

Clinical audit: Managing the deadly duo of COPD and cardiovascular risk

In this clinical audit, you will identify patients with COPD who have a history of moderate to severe exacerbations in the past 12 months and an increased risk of cardiovascular events. You will consider how your patient’s self-management behaviours, inhaled COPD medications and prescribed non-pharmacological treatments could be further optimised, in line with evidence-based guidelines, to improve symptom control and reduce the risk of further exacerbations.

Clinical audit: Heart health checks and lipid lowering therapies for primary prevention of CVD

In this clinical audit, you will conduct Heart Health Checks for your patients, providing comprehensive cardiovascular risk assessments and developing ongoing management plans involving pharmacological and lifestyle strategies to reduce cardiovascular risk.