QI Programs

Clinical audits are only available to Australian-registered GPs.

ThinkGP’s range of clinical audits have been designed to arm GPs with the tools they need to excel, benchmarking standards of care to the highest level. With step-by-step guides, on the job development and reflective learning, our clinical audits are centred on aiding GPs to provide quality patient care and outcomes. Whether newly qualified or practicing for years, a clinical audit will ensure you are on track to deliver optimal patient outcomes and keep you up to date with best practice across a range of therapeutic areas. Each activity has a reflective learning component to help solidify and embed learnings.

IN Control clinical audit: INsulin INitiation and INtensification to avoid clinical INertia

Timely intensification of glucose-lowering medications to achieve target HbA1c is a key aspect of type 2 diabetes management. This program aims to support initiation or intensification of insulin therapy for patients who are currently not at their target HbA1c.