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How do I create a ThinkGP account?

Click here to register for a free ThinkGP account. Please make sure that you have entered your correct email address and RACGP and/or ACRRM registration number if you are registered with either of these organisations. Failure to provide a valid registration number will lead to CPD points not being awarded.

If you obtain an RACGP or ACRRM registration number after becoming a member of ThinkGP, please make sure you update your registration by clicking the "My Account" button at the top of any ThinkGP page and clicking “Edit”.

How can I change my registration details?

Please click the “My Account" button at the top of any ThinkGP page to view your profile, and click “Edit”.

Is ThinkGP content relevant to me?

While ThinkGP’s educational content is primarily aimed at Australian general practitioners, our content covers a diverse range of topic areas that may be relevant to nurses, midwives, allied health professionals, practice managers and other healthcare professionals.

Depending on your profession, ThinkGP activities may be used for self-accreditation by non-GP healthcare professionals. Please contact your college or organisation for further details.

Do ThinkGP educational modules need to be completed in one sitting?

ThinkGP educational modules save your progress as you go, so you are able to close them and come back at any time to complete the module. Howver, individual pages within an activity (such as predisposing activities and evaluation forms) must be completed in one go.

How can I see what activities I have done, and re-download certificates?

Please log in to your ThinkGP account before clicking the the “Education History” button at the top of any ThinkGP page to see what activities you have commenced and completed. The “PDF” link to the right of each entry allows you to download the certificate in PDF form.

When will I get my CPD points?

ThinkGP reports activity completions to the RACGP and ACRRM on a weekly basis, so your points should be awarded within one week provided your registration details are correct.

Why haven’t I got my CPD points for a completed activity?

The most common reason for ThinkGP users not receiving their CPD points is due to their RACGP or ACRRM registration number being incorrect or not being provided. You are able to view your ThinkGP registration details by clicking the "My Account" button at the top of any ThinkGP page.

If you completed activities on ThinkGP before entering your correct registration number, please contact us to have these activities linked to your registration.

Why didn’t I receive a certificate or CPD points?

ThinkGP users do not receive a certificate or earn CPD points if they do not spend the minimum time required for each activity. Reading all slides thoroughly and answering questions properly will ensure you have taken the required time.

If you completed a ThinkGP activity too quickly and did not get a certificate, please contact us to have the activity reset.

How many CPD points do I need?

RACGP members must earn 130 points for the 2020 - 2022 triennium, including two Accredited CPD Activities (such as clinical audits or ALMs) and one Basic Life Support (CPD) course.

ACRRM members must earn 150 hours for the 2020 - 2022 triennium (50 hours per year). This is to be made up of 25% from educational activities, 25% from performance review, 25% from outcome measurement, and the remaining 25% can be any of the above.

Does ThinkGP have GPMHSC-accredited Mental Health Skills Training ALMs?

We offer a MHST Core Module and a Clinical Enhancement Module, both of which must be completed and reported to your college before the mental health MBS item numbers (2715 and 2717) can be accessed. Click here to view these activities.