Providing personalised care for people with asthma

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General practitioner A/Prof Christopher Pearce outlines how GPs can personalise asthma care to best suit each person's circumstances, and discusses the role of self-management and how to communicate effectively with patients including young children.

Questions asked in the video

  1. What does providing personalised care involve in the context of asthma? 0:00
  2. What does self-management of asthma involve? 0:58
  3. Is every adult capable of engaging in self-management of their asthma? 1:33
  4. How should GPs address the broader issues when providing information to patients? 2:10
  5. What are some tips for talking to pre-school and school-aged children about asthma? 2:54
  6. What are some ways young children can be involved in shared decision-making? 3:32
  7. How do you explain to patients the long-term effects of asthma? 4:51
  8. What should GPs remember when managing asthma? 5:53


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