On-demand webinar - Applying a multi-disciplinary approach to post diagnostic dementia care

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This education is accredited: RACGP 1.5 CPD, ACRRM 1.5 CME PD.

Dementia care, post-diagnosis, spans a myriad of domains including medical, psychological, social, and functional. Embracing a multi-disciplinary approach is paramount for delivering holistic care. This on-demand webinar delves into collaborative multi-disciplinary strategies that can ensure a comprehensive assessment and tailored management plan, to meet the distinct goals and needs of people with dementia and their caregivers.

Learning outcomes:

By completing this learning activity, participants will be able to:

  • Identify key roles within a multi-disciplinary dementia care team.
  • Design a basic care plan integrating inputs from various disciplines for dementia patients.
  • Apply strategies to boost communication in multi-disciplinary teams.
  • Identify evidence-based benefits of a multi-disciplinary approach in dementia care.
  • Implement an action plan for integrating a multi-disciplinary team into primary care.


Presented by Dr Steph Daly, Dr Rebecca Moore and Professor Lee-Fay Low

Dr Steph Daly

Steph is an Adelaide based GP with a special interest in elderly care particularly focusing on dementia and cognitive problems in the elderly. Steph works as a GP Educator for national training body - Dementia Training Australia - who deliver Dementia focused education for nurses, allied health professionals and medical professionals across Australia. Stephanie has experience in working with people impacted by Dementia within the wider Adelaide community through her work with SA Health in the Central Adelaide Multi-Disciplinary Geriatric Service (CALHN MCGS).

Dr Rebecca Moore

Dr Rebecca Moore graduated from the University of Adelaide. She has had a varied career, initially as an Aviation Medical Officer in the RAAF. She has since worked in General Practice and Urgent Care in the UK and Australia and is now working as a GP in Newcastle. She has a special interest in Aged Care; in 2022 she worked as an Advanced trainee in Geriatrics, and is currently completing a Masters of Dementia through the University of Tasmania. She is also an educator with Dementia Training Australia.

Professor Lee-Fay Low

Lee-Fay Low (BSc Psych (Hons), PhD) is Professor in Ageing and Health, University of Sydney. She is a registered psychologist with a PhD in psychiatric epidemiology. Prof Low conducts research that she hopes will make a difference in the world. Her knowledge expertise is in rehabilitation and post-diagnostic support for people with dementia, timely diagnosis of dementia, stigma and dementia literacy, community and aged care and people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. She has methodological skills in the design of complex interventions, implementation methods, population studies, systematic reviews and clustered randomised trials. She has authored over 150 peer-reviewed articles, and three books on dementia. She is an active advocate in improving how older people are treated and cared for. Lee-Fay thinks that research is great fun, and even admits to liking statistics.

This session is sponsored by Dementia Training Australia.

On-demand webinar - Applying a multi-disciplinary approach to post diagnostic dementia care - Education
On-demand webinar - Applying a multi-disciplinary approach to post diagnostic dementia care - Evaluation