Diagnosing and treating acute migraine in primary care

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This education is accredited: RACGP 1 CPD, ACRRM 1 CME PD.

This 1-hour educational module explores the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of migraine and includes a review of latest guidelines for acute management and prophylaxis of migraine attacks. It also highlights the recent down-scheduling of triptan medications in Australia that will impact the way GPs provide patient education around migraine treatment. Finally, the module uses two interactive case studies with multiple choice questions to discuss practical aspects of migraine diagnosis, and to review the evidence-base for recommended medications

On completion of this education activity participants will be able to:
  • Describe the diagnostic criteria for migraine and apply screening tools in primary care.
  • Outline and implement a holistic management approach to acute migraine.
  • Identify when it is appropriate for people with migraine to be stepped up to triptans
  • Explain that individual triptans do not have identical profiles, and that the individual responses to different triptans may be different.
  • Provide counselling and practical advice to help people with migraine access and use triptans safely and appropriately.

This is the first module in a two-part series; we recommend enrolling in Stepped care approach to managing acute migraine: patient exercise after completion of this activity.

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Diagnosing and treating acute migraine in primary care - Education
Diagnosing and treating acute migraine in primary care - Evaluation