Metabolic-associated fatty liver disease (MAFLD)

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This education is accredited: RACGP 2 CPD, ACRRM 2 CME PD.

NOTE: This education module can be completed as a 2-hour activity, accessed from this page.

Alternatively, you can complete this topic as part of a larger advanced course, called "The rising health threat of liver disease: What GPs can do to prevent premature mortality". Click here to access the advanced course.

The advanced course is worth 7 CPD hours (5 Educational Activity, 2 Reviewing Performance).


GPs must be able to assess the severity of metabolic-associated fatty liver disease in primary care and guide their patients' future management to determine the need for referral to secondary care or management in primary care. This course will help GPs to understand the additional steps that are required to ensure that the underlying cause is determined and addressed.

On completion of this education activity participants will be able to:
  • Identify patients at risk of metabolic-associated fatty liver disease (MAFLD)
  • Prevent MAFLD in high-risk patients
  • Assess and diagnose patients with suspected MAFLD in primary care
  • Manage, monitor and refer in MAFLD to prevent complications

This activity is part of the education that won the Excellence in Education category at the 2023 Australian life sciences industry PRIME awards for ThinkGP and the Liver Foundation.

This independent medical activity is sponsored by the Liver Foundation, supported by an unrestricted education grant from Novo Nordisk.

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