Sexual health

HIV PrEP prescribing in general practice

Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) is the most effective bio-medical form of HIV prevention, and trials across Australia have shown a dramatic decrease in new HIV infection in those at risk of HIV. This module provides an overview of PrEP, and includes a patient case study to help GPs familiarise themselves with taking a sexual health history prescribing PrEP, and providing patient education.

STI management in general practice: Contact tracing

The educational activity discusses the role of general practitioners in contact tracing for STIs. The opportunities to initiate a discussion with patients are identified, advice provided in relation to the STIs for which contact tracing is recommended and methods to do this described. Options to assist patients with tracing sexual contacts are also described.

STI management in general practice: Key features

The past decade has seen rates of sexually transmissible infections (STIs) increase in Australia. This education module looks at how to discuss sexual practice, STI and HIV risk with an aim to increasing STI and HIV testing in practices. A wide range of case studies also examine ways of approaching STI and HIV testing and treatment and promoting safe sexual practice using the NSW STIPU STI Testing Tool.

STI testing and how GPs can raise ‘sensitive issues’ with patients

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) can affect any of our patients - young and old. However raising the topic of sex and sexual behaviour can be difficult. As most STIs are asymptomatic, diagnoses and treatment is largely dependent upon screening. So, how do you get to the sensitive issues without causing offence or embarrassment? Read on to find out!

Some heterosexual men have sex with men.Testing for HIV in a diverse range of patients

In the lead up to World AIDS Day, NSW Health urges health professionals to avoid assumptions about a person’s HIV risk, and offer HIV testing for all patients at risk of HIV. Tune in to learn more about the resources available to aid in the screening, diagnosis and management of HIV.