Supporting your patients with advance care planning

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Dr Karen Detering discusses the role of advance care planning in ensuring patients' quality of life in end-of-life care, and offers advice on how advance care plans can be integrated into the general practice setting.

Questions asked in the video

  1. Introduction 0:00
  2. What is advance care planning, and what is the GP's role in it? 0:20
  3. When, and how, should you breach the topic of advance care planning with a patient? 1:47
  4. Is it necessary to nominate a substitute decision-maker? 2:20
  5. What are the responsibilities of a substitute decision-maker? 3:02
  6. When is extra care required regarding an advance care plan? 3:52
  7. How should the multidisciplinary team be involved in an advance care plan? 5:17
  8. Do you have any final words for the audience? 6:41

This program is sponsored by Advance Care Planning Australia.