Solutions for insomnia assessment and management

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Specialist sleep physician Dr David Cunnington discusses the ways sleep disorders can be effectively assessed and managed in the primary care setting. The investigation of possible comorbid illnesses is outlined, as well the appropriate use of pharmacological and non-pharmacological strategies.

Questions asked in the video

  1. How does ageing affect sleep quality and the prevalence of sleep disorders? 0:00
  2. How can managing sleep disorders benefit people? 1:27
  3. How can a GP effectively assess sleep problems during a consultation? 2:34
  4. How do you determine if comorbid illnesses are contributing to sleep disturbance or insomnia? 3:43
  5. How should non-pharmacological methods be used in the management of insomnia? 4:29
  6. When do you consider the use of pharmacological therapies in the management of insomnia? 5:48


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