Overcoming barriers to first injectable therapies in type 2 diabetes

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Dr Tom Dover (Endocrinologist, Queensland Health) and Dr Ashraf Saleh (GP, Toowomba, Qld) discuss the role of injectable therapies in the ongoing management of type 2 diabetes, and outline methods to reduce barriers and improve patient outcomes.

Note: The ‘Stop rule’ mentioned in this video has been changed to the ‘Review rule’ in the 2020 RACGP handbook.

Questions asked in the video

  1. How can we deliver effective ongoing management for people with type 2 diabetes? 0:00
  2. How can we overcome some key barriers to initiating injectable therapy? 1:34
  3. Which agent is recommended for type 2 diabetes patients initiating injectable therapy? 2:33
  4. How would you manage a patient experiencing gastrointestinal issues on a GLP-1 RA? 3:35
  5. How can we tailor our communication to patients who may have poor health literacy? 5:58

For further information and CPD education about first injectable therapies for type 2 diabetes, enrol in our Rethinking first injectable therapies in type 2 diabetes: A practical approach ALM.

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