Hypertension: Achieving target Blood Pressure

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More than 40% of the cardiovascular disease burden across the Australian population can be attributed to sub-optimally controlled blood pressure.

In this interview, Executive Director of the George Institute for Global Health Professor Vlado Perkovic, considers how to best manage BP levels across our patient populations.

Questions asked in the video

  • Introduction 0:00
  • Lowering BP can seem to be all about the numbers. Can you remind us of the real reasons we are trying to lower patients' BP below target levels? 0:07
  • How do we go in Australia at achieving target levels of BP? 0:57
  • How can better rates of BP control be achieved in clinical practice? 2:03
  • What is the recommended approach to adding a second medication to an existing regime? Are there preferred combinations of antihypertensives? 3:59
  • What are key barriers to overcome to help patients reach their target BP? 6:18
  • How can GPs benefit from involvement in the Tackle Targets Today BP program? 9:43

This program has been developed with an unconditional educational grant from Servier Laboratories.