Effective Management of Insomnia in General Practice

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Professor Nava Zisapel outlines the clinical implications of insomnia, and explores latest developments in insomnia management options accessible to general practice.

Questions asked in the video

  1. What is the role of sleep in maintaining health? 0:05
  2. How do you identify insomnia? 0:34
  3. What effects does insomnia have on the body? 1:18
  4. How does insomnia affect Alzheimer's and autism spectrum disorder? 1:42
  5. What management methods for insomnia are currently available? 2:24
  6. What is the role of melatonin in regulating the sleep cycle? 3:33
  7. How do melatonin-based treatments for insomnia compare with others? 7:35
  8. What should we keep in mind when managing insomnia in general practice? 5:22

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