MEDTalks - Wicked, sneaky migraines: Putting your patient back in control

Watch the recording of the "Wicked, sneaky migraines" MEDTalks from GPCE Brisbane – a series of short, sharp, topical and inspiring ‘TED style’ talks from multidisciplinary experts – and benefit from relevant, practical take-home knowledge to assist your patients to take control of their migraines.

We know that migraines are debilitating – how can we help our patients prevent and manage them, and when should we refer? Don’t miss the latest edition in our MEDTalks series and benefit from relevant, practical take-home knowledge from multidisciplinary experts.

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Speakers and talks:

MEDTalk 1 - Our rapidly advancing understanding of migraine pathophysiology – what do we now know?
Dr Arman Sabet


MEDTalk 2 - A patient perspective: What are we not understanding?
Ms Sharon Bale


MEDTalk 3 - Improving the migraine journey – helping your patient take control
Dr Anita Sharma


MEDTalk 4 - Migraine therapy: What is the future in Australia?
Dr Cullen O’Gorman


MEDTalks Q&A
Dr Arman Sabet, Ms Sharon Bale, Dr Anita Sharma and Dr Cullen O’Gorman, facilitated by Dr Joe Kosterich

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