MEDTalks - Clinical conundrums in type 2 diabetes: management after metformin

Grappling with some of the key considerations in T2D after metformin, when your patient is in front of you, can be complex! Hear from leading GP and specialist experts in four short, sharp MedTalk presentations as they tackle clinical considerations and comorbidities, through to compliance. Strap yourself in for a contextual shift as they navigate through the most important concerns and recommendations!

Watch the recording the ‘Clinical conundrums in type 2 diabetes: management after metformin’ MEDTalks, brought to you from GPCE Sydney 2019 where a panel of expert speakers take the stage to deliver short, high impact and case study based talks on the changing nature of type 2 diabetes management. Please note the Slido Q&A function is no longer accessible.

Speakers and talks:

Dr Joe Kosterich


MEDTalk 1: Individualisation of therapy in T2DM
Dr Peter Piazza


MEDTalk 2: Change in approach to management of T2DM: Effect of CVD as a comorbidity
Dr Marwan Obaid


MEDTalk 3: Glucose control in renal impairment
Prof Merlin Thomas


MEDTalk 4: Where to from here?
Dr Anita Sharma


MEDTalks Q&A
Panel discussion


The MEDTalks are sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim and Eli Lilly.