Effective use of genomic testing in primary care

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Clinical Geneticist Dr Lisa Ewans and Consultant Genetic Counsellor Mary-Anne Youngoutline how genomic testing can be used to improve patient outcomes in primary care, and address some common questions surrounding genomic testing.

Questions asked in the video

  1. What is genomic testing? 0:04
  2. What is the utility of genomic testing in the clinic? 0:45
  3. What are different scenarios that genomic testing might be used throughout the lifetime of patients? 2:13
  4. How can GPs apply genomic information in general practice? 4:02
  5. What are the implications of testing for the patient's family? 6:05
  6. What happens to my patient' information after testing, and who might want access to it? 7:46
  7. How would a GP address some of the challenges about genomic testing including communicating risk, penetrance and uncertainty? 10:09
  8. What should GPs convey to patients regarding the limitations of genomic testing? 12:02

This activity is supported by the Kinghorn Centre for Clinical Genomics, Garvan Institute of Medical Research.