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Applications of Radiological Testing for Assessing Cardiovascular Risk

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Radiological testing is a convenient and non-invasive method of assessing patients with potential cardiovascular complications. Dr Dean Federman provides an overview of the various radiological tests available and in what situations they should be used.

Questions asked in the video

  1. What radiological tests are used to assess patients with potential cardiovascular risk? 0:08
  2. Which patients require a CT coronary angiogram, as opposed to a coronary CT scan? 1:08
  3. What is involved in a CT coronary angiogram, and what can it offer? 2:04
  4. What are the applications of CT calcium score testing? 5:15
  5. Can other radiological tests be used for cardiovascular conditions? 7:34
  6. How can patients be referred for the optimal test for their situation? 9:58

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