‘Wicked, sneaky migraines’ MEDTalks: Q&A

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Watch the recording of the "Wicked, sneaky migraines" MEDTalks from GPCE Brisbane – a series of short, sharp, topical and inspiring ‘TED style’ talks from multidisciplinary experts – and benefit from relevant, practical take-home knowledge to assist your patients to take control of their migraines.

Speakers: Dr Arman Sabet, Ms Sharon Bale, Dr Anita Sharma and Dr Cullen O’Gorman

Facilitator: Dr Joe Kosterich
Doctor, speaker, author of three books, media presenter and health industry consultant, Dr Joe Kosterich has been a GP for 28 years. He is WA Medical Director of IPN and previously held senior positions in various GP bodies.

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The MEDTalks are sponsored by Novartis.