Recruitment-Ready for Practice Managers

Course Overview

Recruiting the right person for your workplace is important; you need someone with the right clinical skills for your patients but also someone who can maintain a harmonious team environment. This course is designed to get you thinking about approaching recruitment decisions thoroughly and systematically so that you achieve the best outcome for your practice, patients and community.

The material is broken down into themed modules so you can pace your learning journey to suit your workload, and easily access the specific topic you want to research.

Remember that RDN’s recruitment team is able to support and guide practices in RA2-5 locations of NSW with their recruitment efforts.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course you will have a greater understanding of:

  • The value of thorough preparation and planning for recruitment.
  • How to develop documentation required for attracting and employing medical and health practitioners.
  • The considerations around recruiting medical practitioners for rural general practice.
  • The considerations around employing overseas-trained doctors.
  • Actions that facilitate retention of medical and health practitioners.

This course is accredited for RACGP and ACRRM points. Each module is minimum 1 hour duration and a Certificate of Completion is issued on completion of each module, providing evidence for any self-directed learning claims.


1. Attraction

2. Selection

3. Registration

4. Provider Numbers

5. Immigration

6. Induction & Orientation

Course last updated December 2016.


Christine Roach, Manager – Medical Recruitment & Retention

Emer O’Callaghan, Senior Manager – Recruitment & Retention

Enquiries and Support

General enquiries can be directed to RDN’s Medical Recruitment Team by phone +612 4924 8000 or email

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