MEDTalks - Pumped Up, Part 2: Early intervention for better outcomes in chronic heart failure

Join us for a series of impactful, controversial, topical, challenging, inspiring 'TED style' talks - on the present and future of heart failure management.

Early diagnosis and management of chronic heart failure is key to better outcomes. This series of short, sharp and inspiring talks highlights the critical role of the GP in early recognition and management of heart failure in the community. Our panel take questions from the audience as they touch on essential diagnostic principles, discuss best practice pharmacologic management, bring you up to speed with the newest medications, and broaden your thinking on the impact of the heart failure journey from a patient’s perspective. Please note the Slido Q&A function is no longer accessible.

Speakers and talks:

MEDTalk 1 - Pharmacological management of heart failure – best practice and latest advances Prof Gerry O’Driscoll, Cardiologist


MEDTalk 2 - The team approach to heart failure management Ms Niki Parle, Nurse Practitioner in Heart Failure


MEDTalk 3 - Primary care at the frontline – early risk recognition, diagnosis and intervention for better outcomes Dr Adele Thomas, GP


MEDTalks Q&A Prof Gerry O'Driscoll, Niki Parle and Dr Adele Thomas, facilitated by Dr Joe Kosterich


The MEDTalks are sponsored by Novartis.