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Troubleshooting difficult asthma adults

Troubleshooting difficult asthma in adults: Module 2

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This education is accredited: RACGP 2 CPD, ACRRM 1 CME PD.

Asthma care in Australia is primarily managed by GPs. Developed by The National Asthma Council Australia,these modules aim to support GPs in this role by providing information about asthma control in adults with a particular focus on those patients who are finding it difficult to control their symptoms. This may be due to the nature of the asthma itself, patient co-morbidities, the choice of medication and delivery system, or difficulties with adherence to treatment.

On completion of this education activity participants will:
  • Recount a logical approach for troubleshooting when standard asthma treatments are not working.
  • Describe how a number of medical conditions may impact on asthma symptoms and management.
  • Name the common triggers of asthma episodes.
  • Describe the association between allergic rhinitis and asthma.
  • Identify asthma management strategies during pregnancy.
  • Outline the recommended medication and dosage adjustments for treatment-resistant asthma.
  • Recognise the indications where specialist referral is strongly recommended.


The National Asthma Council Australia developed the content of these training modules independently. Publication was supported with a grant from Novartis.

Medical panel:

Dr Justin Coleman, General Practitioner and Medical Writer

Professor Connie Katelaris, Allergist

Dr Peter Piazza, General Practitioner

Ms Judi Wicking, Asthma and Respiratory Educator

Medical Writer:

Dr Justin Coleman, General Practitioner and Medical Writer

Troubleshooting difficult asthma in adults: Module 2 - education
Troubleshooting difficult asthma in adults - Module 2 - evaluation